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California State Military Reserve
1st Battalion (MP), 2nd Brigade (Civil Support)
Phone: 562-795-1086
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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Supervise The Placement Of An Observation Post
Task# 071-121-3037

Conditions: In a field environment as a vehicle commander or section or team leader with operational vehicles, an operation order (OPORD) or fragmentary order (FRAGO), a signal operation instruction (SOI), compass, communications equipment, observation devices (binoculars, night sight), and weapons. The platoon sergeant or platoon leader has ordered you to emplace an observation post (OP)

Standards: Select an OP location which provides observation of the assigned sector, provides cover and concealment, contains covered and concealed routes to and from the OP location, does not attract attention by being near landmarks or man made objects, and does not skyline the OPs. Maintain all-around security while the OP is being established, check local security, and monitor OPs periodically



IEF Tasks:
Vehicle Search   Roadblock/Checkpoint   Personel Search   Use of Force   Media Relations
Move as a Fireteam   Report Intelligence Information   Control Entry to a Restricted Area   Observation Post Placement    
Additional Training:
Combatives OPFOR

For information and scheduling contact:

California State Military Reserve
1st Battalion (MP), 2nd Brigade (Civil Support)
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-5002

CDR: COL Frank Naumann
XO: CPT James Acquarelli
1SG: 1SG Dennis Barberic

The California State Military Reserve (CSMR) is the State Defense Force of California authorized by United States Code (32 USC 109c) and the California Military and Veteran’s Code (CM&VC 550).

The mission of the California State Military Reserve, as recognized in National Guard Regulation 10-4, is to provide an adequately trained and organized State military reserve force under the exclusive control of the Governor. The CSMR is meant to be capable of accomplishing those State emergency responsibilities normally assigned to the National Guard, when the Guard is federalized or otherwise not available.

In addition, the CSMR performs such military duties as the Governor directs within the parameters of applicable federal and state law. Typically those additional military duties include assisting civil authorities during domestic emergencies and assisting in the mobilization and demobilization process of the National Guard.

The CSMR is a volunteer operational force upon which the California National Guard depends. Its members are subject to call to state active duty by the Governor of the State of California.

Persons interested in applying for initial enlistment or appointment, will require the CSMR Form 1 (Application), as well as DD 2807-1, the Report of Medical History form. They should be completed as directed on the form, and mailed back or personally delivered to the unit nearest you, personnel technician (S1). You will then be contacted by CSMR staff for further instructions and to schedule an interview. Please click the following link below for the application instructions.

If you would like to obtain more information about becoming a soldier or airman in the
California State Military Reserve, please call the following toll-free number: 

                              (866) 526-4543

You can also contact Headquarters, California State Military Reserve or a
State Military Reserve unit closest to your home: 

Headquarters, California State Military Reserve 
9800 Goethe Road, Sacramento, CA 95826
         Statewide Recruiter SFC Joyce Stinnett, (916) 854-4474


California State Military Reserve - 1st Battalion (MP), 2nd Brigade (Civil Support) - (Formerly designated as 40th Infantry Division (M) Support Brigade) Los Alamitos, CA 90720